About P2S Management Consulting

Products to Subscriptions

P2S is an innovation consultancy specialised in helping companies develop their own 'as-a-Service' or subscription business model.

With our Subscription Action Plan - a proven roadmap - we guide you step-by-step in conceptualising, building and launching your 'as-a-Service'/subscription model.

With our Subscription Experts Ecosystem, we connect you with our 30+ partners that have the right tools to help you succeed (subscription management software, subscription contracts, financing solutions, ...)

Our Story

While working as a consultant on a circular economy-oriented project in the logistics industry, Florian André came across subscription business models.


Fascinated by the concept of combining sustainability and profitability, he writes his master thesis about transforming a business from a transactional sales model towards a subscription model.

While interacting with leading subscription companies about their transformation, Florian realised that the vast majority of subscriptions were implemented in similar ways. 

He started drawing out concrete ways to successfully overcome common challenges faced when implementing a subscription business. This is how the Subscription Action Plan™ was born.

Passioned about entrepreneurship and with a love for creating things, Florian founded P2S Management Consulting - with a mission to help companies develop their own subscription models.

​Over the years, more and more subscription enthusiasts join the team (today we're a team of five subscription enthusiasts!) and help companies develop their own subscription models.


Mechanical Engineering Industry


They talk about us:

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What we do: We help companies develop their own 'as-a-Service'/subscription model.

'as-a-Service' and subscription business models offer attractive benefits, but the transformation journey is no easy task. A successful transformation requires the right road map, expertise and partners.

Our strategic expertise in developing 'as-a-Service' and subscription business models, combined with the partners of our Subscription Expert Ecosystem™, offers our clients a pragmatic one-stop-shop solution:

  • With tailored workshops of our Subscription Action Plan™, we guide you step-by-step through all critical capabilities required in an 'as-a-Service'/subscription model. We help you conceptualise your model, build your offerings, and adapt your company internally. The workshops are based on best practices from +200 subscription companies.

  • On certain very specific topics that require additional expertise such as subscription financing, subscription legal contracts, subscription management software, etc. we can connect you with the right partners. Our Subscription Experts Ecosystem™ counts 30+ partners which can help you.


In short, P2S and its partners provide a full accompaniment for companies ready to disrupt their industries.

Our Values


Since our creation, entrepreneurship has always been the cornerstone of our company and the desire to constantly innovate and grow. Transforming a business to a subscription business resembles an entrepreneurial journey, like starting a new business. Our entrepreneurial spirit emboldens us to confidently guide our clients in their subscription journey, as if we would start a new business together with them. PS: sometimes we really do start new, separate business entities with our clients.

Continuous innovation

We push ourselves never to settle for the status quo. We are convinced that, in order to deliver superior value to our clients, innovation takes centre stage. As a result, our work lends itself to anticipation and divergent, outside-the-box thinking, which drives our positioning beyond traditional consulting. And then we create and refine actionable, market-relevant approaches that produce value for our clients.


Sustainability is not a buzzword here. Subscription business models are part of the circular economy. They are built on the idea that products' lifespan is increased when they are monitored, maintained, and serviced correctly. We are committed to the sustainable development of our actions and decisions for both the environment and society and believe a better tomorrow starts today. We are driven by our permanent beliefs to ensure a healthier and sustainable future, hand in hand with our clients, partners, and stakeholders.


Customer-centricity is deeply embedded into our mindset. At P2S, every one of us knows that our success depends on our clients' success; this keeps a spirit of partnership alight and drives us to act with integrity and achieve the highest professional standards. We are committed to delivering the best client service, and we believe that requires commitment, understanding, communication, partnerships, compassion, and laser-like focus on creating value.


Pragmatism and simplicity are at the heart of what we do. Whilst being fully aware that every innovative subscription project is unique, we benefit from synergies by combining straight-forward approaches with an inspiring touch of common sense, instead of being blocked by overcomplicating and time-consuming processes. We embody the Lean-Start-up approach which aims at shortening development cycles and rapidly discovering if a proposed hypothesis is viable.


Since our creation, everything we do is linked to subscription business model transformation. We exclusively focus on this kind of business models, which makes us the go-to-consultancy for subscription business model transformations. By leveraging our developed methodology and expert ecosystem we strive to deliver superior value and tangible results for our clients. Our commitment to excellence drives our business and has ensured the trust of our clients.