Our services: P2S is the one-stop-shop for your subscription business model transformation.

Products to Subscriptions

P2S Management Consulting is a niche consultancy specialising in subscription business model transformations. P2S helps you in growing your business by developing a subscription offering for your products and services.

With its structured Subscription Action Plan™ and best practices from 200+ subscription companies, P2S guides you in conceptualising, building and launching your subscription model. 

The Subscription Action Plan™ includes 3 chapters and 20+ workshops on all key challenges faced when developing a subscription model.

With its Subscription Experts Ecosystem™, P2S provides you access to the right expertise and partners throughout your subscription transformation. From subscription financing, via subscription legal experts to subscription management software, the ecosystem counts 30+ carefully selected partner companies.

Become the Netflix of your industry.

Subscription Action Plan™

The Subscription Action Plan includes 20+ tailored workshops on all key challenges faced on a subscription business model transformation.


The Subscription Action Plan™ is a ready-to-use framework divided into 3 chapters and is based on best practices from 200+ successful subscription companies.

1. Conceptualising your subscription model

We start off by brainstorming how your subscription model could work, including defining your subscription value proposition, your target subscribers, sizing the market opportunity, and testing your subscription concept with your customers... 

2. Building your subscription offering

We then build your subscription offering, define your subscription plans and plan durations, the required IT infrastructure, your pricing strategy, drafting your contracts, setting up the adequate financing structure, ...

3. Adapting your company internally and preparing for launch

We then make sure your company is subscription-ready. That includes working on internal processes, defining new roles and responsibilities, building a new KPI dashboard, creating a sales and marketing playbook, training your sales reps, ...

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Subscription Experts Ecosystem™

We have seen that successful subscription models have not been implemented alone. For very specific topics and challenges, companies relied on expertise and services from third parties to develop their subscription models.

We created the Subscription Experts Ecosystem™ to provide you access to the right expertise and partners throughout your subscription transformation.


From subscription financing partners, via legal experts in drafting subscription contracts and GTC, to subscription management software, or equipment management software partners. 


The Subscription Experts Ecosystem™ counts 30+ carefully selected partner companies.