We guide you through your subscription business model transition.

Subscription business models offer attractive benefits, but the transformation from traditional to subscription-based business models is no easy task. Given the complexity of these new business models, a successful transformation requires the right expertise and support.


Our strategic expertise in conceptualising and building subscription business models, combined with the network and know-how of our Subscription Expert Ecosystem™ offers companies a pragmatic one-stop-shop solution:

  • P2S Management Consulting helps companies on the whole subscription transformation journey, relying on extensive experience and best practises from +200 subscription companies. With our pragmatic approach (Subscription Action Plan™), we help defining the new subscription value proposition, analysing the solution/market fit, financial modelling of the new business models, pricing models and strategies, legal aspects and implications, required digital capabilities, sales force training, and much more.

  • Each of our 30+ partner companies in the Subscription Experts Ecosystem™ has expertise in a specific area required in the subscription transformation. These areas are: off-balance sheet financing, legal and tax, subscription management software, risk management, IoT. Teaming up creates synergies and speeds up the transformation.


In short, P2S Management Consulting and its partners provide a "one-stop-shop subscription accompaniment" for companies who are ready to disrupt their industries.

Our expertise:
Best practices from 200+ subscription companies

We interacted with 200+ companies that developed subscription offerings. We know about best practices, common pitfalls, and the dos and don’ts.

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We accompany you throughout the whole subscription journey, from conceptualisation up until the growth phase - creating the bridge between strategy and implementation.

We help industrial and consumer goods manufacturers.

Industrial Equipment

Consumer Goods

Subscription Action Plan™

We start off with an explorative phase where we analyse and  understand your customers (hidden needs, segmentation, surveys, ...), and size the subscription market opportunity. 

We then define your subscription offering (value proposition, packages, customer engagement model, pricing, contracts, digital requirements, ...).

We then make sure your internal organisation is subscription-ready (processes, new roles, financing structure, sales strategy, IT requirements, ...).


Finally, we guide you on the launch and growth of your subscription business (FAQs, KPI-dashboard, data analytics, expansion and renewals, finetuning, ...).

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Subscription Experts Ecosystem™

Developing a subscription model impacts all areas of your business. Thus, it should not be developed alone.
Whether it be a subscription model for industrial equipment or for B2C products, it is crucial to partner up with the right experts.
The Subscription Experts Ecosystem™ is a network of 30+ carefully selected companies which all have an expertise in a specific area. All 30+ partners are helpful at some stage of the development of a subscription model.
Joining forces with valuable partners offers our clients (manufacturers and distributors) a one-stop-shop solution.
On top of our consulting and project management services where we help designing, building and launching subscription models - we provide access to the right partners, accelerating the development and reducing risks.